Dear Sisters, 

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, this year was difficult to raise money for our “Good Work” in the community.  One way to obtain revenue is to do a “Bakeless Bake Sale”.  Proceeds from this team effort and  “no work” Bake Sale will go to “Feed the Need”.

Please support this endeavour and send a donation in the amount you would spend on an item you prepare for a bake sale.

A Bakeless Bake Sale

The Daughters are having a Bake Sale, 

A Silent one, you see,

Because of this pandemic,

It’s easier for you and me.

You’ll need no flour or sugar,

Nor yeast to make bread grow,

Because a silent Bake Sale

Uses another kind of dough.

Please tuck into an envelope

Your donation, large or small,

And send it to the address below,

Thanks for answering the call.

Send an email to for more information