Chaplain’s Corner

Dear Daughters of Isabella

Greetings in Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We have been going through tremendous difficulty, both in our country and around the world, due to the virus. Our churches closed for a while and now have re-opened, although with a different look, population, and mood.

As society begins to move about more freely, many groups are starting to meet again, implementing procedures to help keep you safe as much as possible from the virus.  I hope and pray that if you are going to meet monthly for a general meeting you follow health procedures.  I am sure you will, since this seems to have become a new way of life for all.

May God bless your work and hear your prayers in whatever way you decide to work as Daughters’ this year.  It will certainly be a challenge.  Let us remember to keep each other in prayer for health, safety, and a deepening of our faith.

God bless you,

Rev. Fr. James M. Bussanich, Chaplain.